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Garment Care


Garment Care

Care Labelling

The care symbols and instructions below are provided as a guide. Before washing your item please refer to the care labelling found inside your garment and care symbols for your country (non - European location). Some materials may require specialist cleaning. If you are unsure of the most suitable cleaning method to use please contact Customer Services.

Washing Process
Drying & Ironing Process
Bleaching Process
Textile Care
Cashmere Care

Cashmere Goat Cashmere is one of the world’s finest and most luxurious natural fibres. Knitwear made from cashmere requires care and attention but will reward you by lasting a long time. Your garment will continue to feel soft and luxurious wash after wash if it is well cared for.

The cashmere fibre is collected by hand by combing the Kashmir goat during molting season and it takes the fleece of more than two goats to produce one piece of knitwear.

Our cashmere is fully tested by laboratories accredited by ‘The Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute’. By following the wash care instructions on the care label, you should be rewarded with a garment that improves its handle over time.

Care Instructions

• Always follow the wash care instructions.

• Wash garments using a non biological detergent or a specialised wool or cashmere detergent.

• It is advisable to wash your garment prior to wear, this will remove loose, shorter length fibres thus minimising the level of surface pilling that may occur during initial wear.

• Always dry away from direct heat, never in front of a fire, on a radiator or in strong sunlight.

• After the first few wears, small surface pills may be visible in areas where excessive rubbing has occurred. These can be easily removed by carefully hand picking or by using a cashmere comb or fabric shaver. Surface pilling does not indicate inferior quality cashmere, it is a result of wearing such a fine fibre.

• Never hang your garment, this will cause it to loose its shape.

• When storing your garment for a period of time we suggest storing you cashmere knitwear in a sealed box or garment bag. Cashmere garments should always be washed and dried prior to storing.

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wax jacket care

If you love your wax jacket as much as we do, make sure you take good care of it! Here are some handy tips and a step-by-step guide on how to re-wax your jacket.

The outer of our wax jackets are made from 100% cotton, and treated with a wax coating. Cotton is a natural fibre that does not trap moisture and allows the fabric to breathe. It also allows the wax to work into the fabric so that the benefits of the wax – being a barrier from wind and water – are maintained for a longer time. You should re-wax your jacket when necessary, depending on the wear and tear of your jacket from the elements.

Care & Cleaning
Re-waxing your jacket