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Women’s Ponchos, Capes & Shawls

Looking for an investment piece that’s the epitome of timeless style? Turn to our collection of women’s ponchos, capes and shawls; undeniably classic but oh-so-elegant, find wraps crafted from soft cashmere and lambswool in muted tartans. Hooded silhouettes, delicate fringing and reversible designs make each piece a seasonal mainstay.

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  1. EWM
    Reversible Cape
  2. Lochmere
    Cashmere check Stole
  3. Isle
    Hooded Check Wrap
  4. EWM
    Lambswool Check Stole
  5. James Pringle Weavers
    Toggle Trim Hooded Cape
  6. James Pringle Weavers
    Soft Handle Check Stole
  7. Isle
    Hooded Check Lined Cape

7 Items

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Set Descending Direction