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4 Ways to Wear Your Golfing Jumpers

4 Ways to Wear Your Golfing Jumpers   A golfing jumper is no longer worn only for 18 holes. A good game of golf isn’t possible without a stress-free environment and comfortable, breathable clothing that allows you to move freely and be at the top of your game.   It makes sense then that distinguished […]

5 Foods You Must Try in Edinburgh

If you’ve been to Edinburgh in the past, you’ll know we love our food, and who can blame us when such amazing recipes originated in our beautiful country? The old expression tells us that while in Rome, we should do as the Romans do, and we’d suggest using the same technique in Edinburgh!   So […]

A Very Stylish Valentine’s

When you’ve seen many a Valentine’s Day with the same partner, it’s easy to relax into a perfectly nice – but perhaps, slightly tired – routine and the excitement can start to wan. This is particularly true when you’ve been blessed with children or even grandchildren, and they start to take precedence over spending quality [...]

The White Wine Manual

We all have our insecurities when it comes to hosting a dinner party or heading out for a meal. Some of the most common include which cutlery to use, how smartly to dress, or crucially, which wine to serve!   For some reason,there’s a kind of expectation that we will know which wine to drink [...]

Words You Might Hear In Edinburgh

We’ve all heard of different areas having different dialects, but in Edinburgh we have a truly unique way of speaking, if we say so ourselves. In fact we’d go as far as to say, we stretch the English language about as far as possible without creating our own!   To make it easier on visiting [...]

The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Guide to Aran Knitwear Aftercare

If you were lucky enough to receive some Aran knitwear for Christmas, you’ll know that this timelessly stylish textile is one of the most comfortable and warming materials you’ll have the pleasure of wearing. Even better, when your knitwear is from The Edinburgh Woollen Mill, you know that long-lasting quality is guaranteed, so your gift-giver [...]